+ Le Royaume en couleurs

Et Dieu dit : ‘Élargis tes couleurs’ !

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Nous vous souhaitons un agréable voyage !

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"En peu de choses, tu as été fidèle, sur beaucoup Je t'établirai ; entre dans la joie de ton Seigneur." (Matthieu 25, 21)

Une amie rêvait d’être une Princesse ! Alors je lui ai montré L’Escalier à prendre pour rencontrer Le Prince.
Hi friends. Today I wanted to practice on bushes, trees, and leaves, using my new brushes ! But I had run out of canvas ! So I used a messed up one I had already painted on, painted it with dark colours to camouflage, and started practicing ! An hour later, voilà ! This is what came out : a new painting, and looking good too ! So I thought : ” This is what God must be spending His time doing with our messed up lives ! ” Isn’t that wonderful ?

Hi Friends. Never ever thought in my wildest dreams I could paint this. Inspired by Thomas Kinkade’s beautiful painting and Joni Young’s Tutorial of “Bridge in Autumn” ( https://youtu.be/WLuPrWwu2ak), this is my humble version of my Dream place – where I wish to finish my days on Earth. So happy to share it with you. Light and Love to you all.

Two swans in a pond on a sunny autumn morn in a place far far away.

Two pixies having fun on a Sunday morning after church. Can you see them ?

Dream House in a Dream Forest

Two Day Dreamers

Other Day Dreamers

“As for Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord”(Josh. 24:2, 15).